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Shedding of Flower

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This is a completely natural and 100% organic product, which is used to stop and further prevent the shedding of flowers from plants. The compositions are available for both trees and plants commercially useful flower plants. These flower shedding antidote promote growth and control pest in vegetables, mango, banana, guava, jasmine, etc. They also contribute to produce denser flower. Without producing any side effect, the natural herbal composition contributes to higher production with minimum investment. This product is supplied in various packaging specifications, which can be customized as per the needs and requirements of the customers.

Our Brand SRISTI Prayas
Category Agro product
Formulation Decoction
What for Growth Promotion and, effective against shedding of flower
Pack size 100 ml, 500 ml
Application Mix at the rate of 2 ml per liter water in a spray pump. Stir it throughly and spray on the flowers and foliage.