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Our Goals

SRISTI has set the following goals for itself to promote and celebrate grassroots creativity and traditional knowledge.
  • To expand space in society for building upon sustainable technological, institutional and educational initiatives and innovations at the grassroots with special focus on women's knowledge.

  • To document, analyse and disseminate innovations developed by people themselves.

  • To validate and add value to local innovations through experiments (on farm and on-station) and laboratory research for generating nature-friendly sustainable technologies.

  • To conserve local biodiversity through in-situ and ex-situ gene banks managed by local people.

  • To protect the intellectual property rights of grassroots innovators and to generate incentive models for recognising, respecting and rewarding grassroots creativity and associated ethical values and norms.

  • To provide venture support to grassroots innovators to scale up products and services based on grassroots innovations through commercial or non-commercial channels.

  • To embed the insights learnt from grassroots innovations in the formal educational system in order to expand the conceptual and cognitive space available to these innovations.